Immenschuh can be broken into two words: (IMMEN and SCHUH).


The definitions were taken from:






IMMEN : [zu mittelhochdt. Imme ,,Bienenschwarm, Bienenstand”] volkstuml. Bez.

                 für Verschiedene Hautflugler (z.B. Stechimmen), bes, für die wirtsch.

                  Genutzten Honigbienen


(The translations below are from “The New Cassell’s German Dictionary” 1965 Edition)


zu – to, towards, up to, unto, in addition to, along with; at, on, in, by; for; in order to


mittelhochdt. – Middle High German


Bienenscharm – swarm of Bees


Bienenstand – apiary


Volkstuml. – volkstumlich – national, popular

                        volkstumlichkeit – nationality; national trait or characteristic; popularity


Bez. – Bezirk – district, borough; circuit; region, area, precinct; range, compass

            Beziehungsweise – respectively, or, or else; relatively


für – for; instead of, in lieu of; per, in favour of; for the sake of, for the benefit of, on

        behalf of; in return for, again


verschiedene – deceased, dead, departed, adj. Different, differing, distinct (from);

                          PL. sundry, various, diverse


Hautflugler – hymentoptera (order of insects)


z.B. – zum Beispiel - e. g. (for example)


Stechimmen – Stech - prick, pierce; sting, bite (Stung by bee, or Bee-sting)


Bes. – besonders – especially, particularly, in particular; apart, separate, severally;

                                 peculiarly, exceptionally, extraordinarily; chiefly


die – the; she, her, it; who, whom, that, which


wirtsch. – wirtschaft – housekeeping, domestic economy, husbandry; management

                                    of affair, administration, economic system


genutzten – used


Honigbienen – honey bee, worker bee


schuh – shoe, boot; foot (as measure); shoeing, ferrule, socket  (This word occurs

               in several reference works, including Old German and is seen today as

               SCHUH MARKT on the front of German stores, literally meaning Shoe